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Gotta Spend It All?... NO WAY!FREE Pokemon Bank !
This 4" Pokemon figure is really useful... It teaches kids to save!  Bolbasar Pokemon. Retail is $19.99 but it's FREE after rebate!


Language should be FREE. Never be at a loss for words!
A 4-Language Translator Computer that gives words & phrases. Great for travel! $39.99 retail but FREE with rebate!


Ohhh- these EARTHLINGS make me Soooo- ANGRY!
Marvyn the Martian FREE Kid's Cup!

This sturdy handled six ounce Warner Brothers mug is dishwasher safe! Retail $8.99, but FREE after rebate!


Pack away cash savings!

This green nylon 13.5" x 17" x 6.75" durable 600d x 600d nylon pack has padded straps and multi-compartment areas. Retail $29.99, but FREE after rebate!


A whole page worth of FREE POKEMON Toys & items FREE after Cyberrebate
yes.gif (958 bytes) FREE Van Gogh mosaic puzzle after CyberRebate
$14.99 girl's Halo illuminating watch after CyberRebate
FREE "Men are from Detroit & Women are from Paris" book after CyberRebate
FREE "We Interrupt This Broadcast" historical book & CD's after CyberRebate
FREE Electronics after Cyberrebate
Search ALL 100% FREE with Cyberrebates
This page is dedicated to outrageous deals for consumers. If you'd like to send us a great deal, e-mail us at: Steals & Deals and we'll try to include it among our never ending fight for freedom via frugality

To a tightwad, A deal isn't a deal, unless you save 80% off retail prices or more than 50% off wholesale prices.  FREE is even better. The tightwad frugal philosophy applies to conserving cash as well as other resources.  In this section you'll find outrageous deals. Many of these deals change very quickly due to availability and will not be available forever. Remember to look at each sites rules and follow them strictly. - Editor


Currently, one of the hottest internet deals is CyberRebate, where many of the rebate offers include 100%-off the entire price! Sounds too good to be true? With 4-stars from Bizrate, over 2 million dollars worth of rebates paid out, and servers jammed to capacity, it looks like a great deal. How's does it work? Click on one of the items pictured here. Purchase the item online for retail value. Print out your receipt. The item is sent immediately. In 2-3 days an online rebate code and form is available. Print it out. When you receive the item, cut out the UPC symbols fill-out and attach everything and mail it. In about 10-14 weeks a check will arrive for the full rebate amount. You have 2 months to apply for the rebate from the time you order the item. Postage is under five dollars for as many items as you want. That's it. They do all the work. What's in it for the manufacturers? There are a number of reasons why manufacturers offer rebates. Sometimes they want to rapidly increase financial sales numbers, which look good to investors. Sometimes they dominate the market and build product demand and brand loyalty. Sometimes they also use this process to reduce inventory on late season items. What's in it for CyberRebate? Undoubtedly they're selling the items for the maximum refund amount allowed by the manufacturer. That's where they profit, while providing a quick and easy way for manufacturers to access the marketplace. Although exactly how their site works is proprietary, we know they augment some deals to promote their site, and may use your funds to draw income while you're waiting for your rebate. What's in it for you? If your worried, don't go for this deal. Leave it for others. Some people just buy one item as a gift for someone. We have made several clandestine purchases to rate the viability of their business, so far without any problems. They rate 4 stars (out of 5 stars) with Bizrate. Be careful to exactly follow the directions and print-out everything. You can check your status online, which is great, but there is no phone number to respond with questions. They do appear to respond within 2 days via e-mail. Click here to order.
Half is a great site for both buying and selling media such as books, tapes, cd's, video games and more. It's almost like e-bay except easier. They police & broker the deal and you don't have to do any advertising work, just enter the product code. Just register and buy or sell. NEVER pay full price! Instead Click here for half!
E-Save is a well designed and easy to use refund site. This site allows you to quickly seach and select big named grocery items, then print out a shopping list. You have about two weeks to purchase the items and an extra week to send your reciepts into E-Save. E-Save fills in all the paper work and then promptly sends you a refund check. Our clandestine test transaction was nearly flawless, but we included a reciept that was not within the allotted time frame. A polite e-mail explained our error, but they allowed the refund anyway as a onetime courtesy. a few days later we were sent a check for $5.25 from purchasing Cheerios cereal, Huggies diapers, Heinz Ketchup, and Kraft Minute Rice. All routine grocery purchases. In addition, they allow reciepts from wholesale warehouse stores such as Costco. To make the process easier, you can track the progress of your transactions entirely online. Just remember to carefully read and follow their instructions to be assured of recieving your refund money.
At BookCloseOuts, you can buy new books that are 50% to 90% off the retail price.  These are great deals, but you have to buy right away, because their stock rotates on a daily basis.   Search and grab some deals.
FREE camera, FREE processing, FREE digital conversion! will give you a FREE 35mm camera just for registering online.  When this site opens it will change the way you take pictures. First off, they send you a postage paid mailer for your rolls of film and then they will process it for FREE. You only pay for the postage costs of sending the full set of 4x6 Kodak processed photos back to you.  On top of that, they digitally process them for you to view immediately. Send the digital images to friends or to use for your web sites or auctions. Here's the catch: Since they save you money by using online sponsors, you must go to the password protected site to view the photos or they will  charge you a film development fee of $3.99. Still, FREE camera, FREE Kodak developing, & FREE digital copies!

ShoppingList is a guide to finding local sales at your own neighborhood stores.  Search by store name, brand, item or price. Use key words and print your savings

1000's of Free Offers Tons of 100% FREE with REBATE deals! Lots of discount COUPON sites!


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CyberRebate (rebates)
ShoppingList (sales)
E-Save (refunds)
Halfcom (half off)
BookCloseOut (50-90%)
Snapfish (free photos)
Priceline (discounts)
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Coffee Maker Deal

iconDon't be scared. This is NOT too good to be true!
Hamilton Beach 4 Cup Aroma Elite Coffee Maker is $14.99 after Rebate! Retail $69.99.
(this was FREE just days ago) Offer good  while supplies last!


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Hamilton Beach Excel Light Steam Iron $9.99 After Rebate !

A hot & steamy value! Adjustable steam, non-stick plate, spray blast & water window. buy/sell used books, movies, music,games


Software at reasonable prices... FREEFREE NBA GAME Software
Play NBA basket ball against the pros with Inside Drive 2000.  A $54.99 value from Microsoft but FREE after rebate!


Like the dinosaurs...This deal won't last long!
E-WOW. This is great. $49.99 retail but FREE with rebate. Stands 24"x40" Made of birch wood. For ages 6+.


1. FreeShop Freestuff
2. CyberRebate
4. CoolSavings
5. eCoupons
6. DirectCoupons
7. ShoppingList$
8. StoreSearchSite
9. Get Paid $ to Surf!
10. JobPoint -Get Jobs
11. ReallyEasyPhone
12. Toys-R-Us Online

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