No Reserve auction!!!  for a Compact Travel Water Filter/Purifier. brand new!!! 
If You Travel... Don't Drink the Water!!!
Do Super Germs & Bacteria Live in your Glass?

A good friend took another vacation to beautiful Ireland.  Not exactly the backwoods.  Every time she goes she gets very sick with the stomach flu.  This time I insisted.  Get a water purifier!  She did.  Sure enough, this was the very first time she could visit her homeland and friends without getting sick.   Apparently her doctor said it's a well known secret that many municipal water supplies are not what they should be, even in what we consider developed countries.   In addition, native populations can adapt to certain bacteria, that send visitors into a gut wrenching spell.  If you backpack, camp, travel domestic or internationally, your safety is an issue from bacteria banditos! This Basic Designs brand ceramic filter also includes an internal granular activated carbon filter and is an effective barrier against bacteria, gardia, cryptosporidium, algae, asbestos, turbidity and other microscopic terrors.  The sub-micron ceramic element traps these organisms through simple absorption and blockage, and is considered the international standard for mechanical bacteria and cyst removal. Please. Don't sacrifice your health and safety to the killers that attack from within your body. Protect the gateway to your health, with this top-name portable ceramic filter. In the event of a catastrophic emergency, experts say you should have 3 days worth of supplies. Do you have fresh H2O?  Can you make it clean?

Pictured below is the Basic Designs water purification system.   Unlike other water purifiers, the ceramic filter is able to purify extremely small particles upto 1 micron. Giardia cysts and other bacteria can not pass through.filter1.gif (117036 bytes)

Ceramic filters have been used for more than 150 years - Queen Victoria commissioned a ceramic gravity filter in 1835 to clean up her drinking water from the polluted river Thames.  During that time, thousands died from plagues such as cholera, typhoid and other waterborne diseases.   Similar epidemics have occurred in even in America... including Chicago, where thousands died. Unfortunately, safe drinking water is not a constitutional right.  It's something you have to pursue yourself. 
A full instruction manual is included.  The small size allows for backpack and suitcase use.  Unrolled it is 16"x 8".  The unit rolls to about 3+1/2" x 8" x 3", perfect for travel.  It uses gravity or pressure to yield 250ml per minute.  Each initial fill capacity is 3 liters. Instructions, use, & cleaning are simple.  The unit is new, unused and in perfect condition.   One of several items taking space in my garage, I must liquidate as much as possible under my wife's orders (ie: suggestions).  

The Winner pays priority postage of $3.50 to USA address.  We will take all reasonable precautions to insure item is packed well for shipping, however, package will be insured only by specific request and additional cost, otherwise winner automatically waives postal insurance.  Money orders ship the same or next day received, checks must wait for funds to clear bank first.  The Item for sale is in good condition, but sales are final in keeping with E-bay rules.  We will endeavor to answer any question accurately and to the best of our ability, if you e-mail with concerns before bidding.

Safe drinking water is not assured in every nation or even in our own back yard.  For camping, back packing, international travel or even local travel, safe water is a must.  How much would you pay for your health?  Do you always get sick when you travel?  Maybe you need a bacteriological solution!
Make a winning bid and be assured of healthy travel !     May the best bidder win !