Very Low Reserve Auction!!!  for a Star Trek Communicator sized Cell phone!!! 
Beam Me Up Scotty... Pocket Phone!!!!
StarTAC 3000 Motorola Cellular phone!
II remember wishing I had a communicator just like Captain Kirk on the TV show STAR TRAK.  Now f the human body was just flesh and skeleton, we'd have almost no aches and pains!  We'd also be a big blob.  It's the muscles that do the work of moving us around, and it's the muscles that take the punishment!  As our society demands more, our bodys have to give.  Sometimes they give way to pain.  These Bongers are unique oriental massage tools that hit the spot!  You'll be shocked at how useful they really are.  This package was purchased brand new and never used! Great for attacking fibromyalgia or other muscle or work-out pains.
It's time to  punish the pain and make it disappear!!!
(Photos below)

Below is the sealed bongers complete with instructions and techniques so you can find muscular relief from pain.  
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The bonger is a devise that bangs out a mean, comfortable and  excellent massage.  Get relief from your aches and pains
...and do it with a friend!  Pictured above are both sides of the bonger package.  (You get one set of bongers)

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