No Reserve Auction!!!  for Super Sonic Police & Military Whistles!!! 
These Whistles Scream For Attention!!!
Don't Blow-Off these Super Sonic Whistles!

These wonderful jet black STORM brand whistles are one of the loudest made.   They have an internal "pea" that won't clog and they are loud!  they are used by police, search & rescue, and the military.  These whistles wake the dead!!! Perfect for your car, first aid kit, or camping or survival kit. A whistle may be the best investment you'll ever make.  These whistles produce a frightening high pitched volumne of sound that can travel farther and more effectively then the human voice.  Iin rescue operations and in the work place, these whistles can be heard over loud machinery, in survival situations, and even under water... they can save precious human energy. Anyone can whistle out for help, and everyone remembers the international symbol for help S-O-S  (. . . - - - . . .) The Morse code symbol for distress. Remember: A cell phone is useless in the wilderness and a whistle can be a fierce attention getting signal in our crime ridden urban wilderness.  So powerful, hearing protection is recommended for extended use of these whistles! Don't blow this deal, bid on an excellent safety device that everyone should own!  (see photos below)

Storm brand whistles shown below.   Bid for one...only two are available.
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