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undr-consrctn-1.gif (7164 bytes)Tightwad Auctions was the first section to open and is currently not in operation.  We will be reformating this in the near future.  A test run net over one thousand dollars in about 1 month.  This auction site is dedicated to sales of historic toys and used houshold items.

Tightwad Freebies will be dedicated to the many free items and sites on the internet. Information will be presented in a way to speed your access to information, savings, and profits.  Currently in the planning stages.  To be open in approx. four months.

undr-consrctn-1.gif (7164 bytes)Tightwad Savings are the mainstream of the tightwad philosophy.  Tons of frugal information.  Watch for saving secrets dedicated to personal economics in the near future.
Tightwad Tips section of TW Savings to open in May 2000.  Other sections to be added in two months.

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Sorry for the long delay folks, but we are intensely busy with life's other projects.  Questions or comments, please drop a short note and say hello:
We'll have tips and info for the wealthy and cheap.  Some lighthearted articles and source information on investment and business opportunities.   Our research staff will bring the best to you at one site!  Set your bookmark and we'll see you in the future.

undr-consrctn-1.gif (7164 bytes)Tightwad Links are the connections to  philosophically similar infotensive tightwad sites dedicated to personal economics.
Tightwad Infotensive superlink site is now open and will include more expanded links in the near future.

Tightwad Secrets will be significant site for saving and learning the tightwad way.   Business concepts, ideas, and links will also be presented.   Currently in the planning stages. To be open in approx. eight months or more.
Tightwad Times will be a publication to use for quick reference and to receive even more information, materials, ideas, and plans that can be used and referenced over and over.   A small fee will allow subscribers to receive this newsletter via U.S. mail. Currently in the planning stages. To be open in approx. twelve months or more.